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2000 CBR 929 FI Red Light Blinking

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I am a new subscriber to Motorcycle Forum.

If anyone can give me assistance on this constant Problem with the Fuel Injection Light {Red Light}on my 2000 Honda CBR929rr it would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it may be caused by the Air Intake Servo Not Being Fully Opened especially at lower RPM's. At Higher RPM's the bike performs very well other wise? I have read there is a plug system that needs to be shorted to open this Servo Valve, if someone that has experienced this problem before could enlighten me on this it would be Great.

A Brand New Power Commander 5 was Installed also.

Dave J.
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Red Light CBR 929rr

Thank you!

I believe the Servo has been removed totally because of a full exhaust installed by former owner. It does have a wiring area that is just a stub with another end to into it. They sell something like this to correct the problem of the flaps not being open enough on Ebay that installs right into this electrical plug under the seat!

Can I get to these flaps in the intake somewhat easy? And can they be left open all the time?

The bike rips above 3,000 RPM's its at Start right up till about 3,000 RPM's I have to nurse it?

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