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1998 Honda Magna 750 Hesitation

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Help - Bike idles a little rough, runs great when accelerating, but holding speed and rolling onto throttle after deceleration the engine hesitates, once enough throttle is applied it responds and runs great again.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the response! I forgot to mention that the bike only has 3000 miles, could this still be a problem? Could spark plugs be an issue?
I replaced the plugs over the weekend. They had varnish on them, but it didn't solve the problem. I also noticed that while the bike is running it smells like fuel, running rich I think. I originally thought the carbs may need cleaning, but am not sure if that would cause it to smell. Any ideas?

Ok, thanks for the help!! I'll dig in this weekend.
I pulled the carbs and cleaned them. I have re-installed them, the bike starts, but runs awful (worse than before). Is this because the carbs need to be synched now that I opened them?

Turns out one of the vacuum seals had a small hole which was preventing the needle in one of the carbs from moving correctly. Thanks for the help!!
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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