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Like the title says, I’m having troubles shifting gears on my 1998 GSX-R 600. When I first start riding, it doesn’t want to shift past second until I’m up in the 9k+ RPM range. After I get it shifted past second, I’ll hop on the interstate and get into my high gears. When I’m exiting and slowing down, my bike will only shift down one gear, then stop like it’s in 1st. This has led to me having to roll my throttle to keep from stalling when I start moving again. Then when I’m done with my ride, my bike will sit on 2nd gear and won’t shift into neutral. Idk what triggers it but eventually it will let me downshift straight into neutral.

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That might

be that might be it, I was messing around with it before I winterized my bike because I randomly had to pull my clutch in a lot further for it to engage all of a sudden
When pulling the lever in you should only have about 2mm of free-play, or gap between the clutch lever and the clutch 'perch' before you can feel resistance.
These days the amount of free-play spec (movement) is often measured at the ball end of the lever on some models and that might be something like 10mm.
Basically you just want to have only a little free-play at all times, even under heavy throttle.

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