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Hello everyone,
It’s inspection time which means it’s time to replace the tires. Especially the rear one. I have a 96 Virago and I am looking for some clarification and guidance especially from someone who may have the same bike. The manual I have says the following about the tires:

Front tire
XV700,XV1000,XV1100 100/90-1957H
XV750,XV920J,K,MK 3.50H-19-4PR
XV920RH,RJ 3.25H-19-4PR

Rear tire
XV700,XV1000,XV1100 140/90-1570H
XV750,XV920J,K,MK 130/90-1667H
XV920RH,RJ 120/90-1865H

I highlighted the emphasis n my bike. Has anyone bought tires for this bike using these specs? Has anyone done anything differently? I’m looking at either Pirelli or Dunlops. Anyone have any opinions about either of these? Thanks.

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The 100/90-19 is the 'new' 350-19 size tire. You have a lot more choices with the 100/90. I would use the 100/90 for sure.

XV750,XV920J,K,MK 130/90-1667H ....... This is a 16" size tire so you gotta use a 16".

I've used and installed most every brand of tire.
IMHO Pirelli generally makes a better tyre than Dunlop depending on how much you spend..... A cheap tire is a cheap tire no matter what brand it is!
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