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I Recently bought a 1995 Honda CBR 600 F3 with 55,000 miles on it and after oil change, coolant change, and spark plug change I noticed that starting at 6,000RPM I hear a rattling/vibration sound that sounds like keys vibrating or a loose washer rattling around the front around the instrument panel area/front gas tank area. If I go higher than 7,000rpm or lower than 6,000rpm it doesn't happen.

I've tried holding various parts that are susceptible to vibrating and here's what I've determined its NOT:

1) Windscreen
2) clutch lever
3) Keys (only one key in ignition
4) Area around key ignition
5) Mirrors
6) intake grill/box
7) ferrings
8) clutch wire
9) brakes/calipers
10) cam chain tensioner (cant hear it at idle or low rpms which is indicative of a bad CCT
11) loose bolts (checked and tightened every ferring bolt, windscreen bolt, handle bar bolts)
12) fuse box
13) exterior of instrument panel

So now I'm left dumbfounded as to what may be causing this. Could it be a component INSIDE the instrument panel? Nothing appears to have fallen in from the outside. There is no "third eye" on the wind screen. The airbox and intake pipes are all screwed in securely. I doubt it's the air filter. I cant take it to a mechanic for at least 2 weeks and its driving me crazy!

Any advice on further things I could check would be greatly appreciated. This is really bothering me!

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I had a weird noise I couldn't track down for a while on a zr7, sounded like clatter from the motor. Turned out to be a cotter pin on the passenger footpeg bouncing on the pipes...not sure why but it sounded exactly like it was coming from the block. It might help to put it in neutral on the kickstand and have someone hold it between 6 and 7k while you walk around and see if you can isolate it.
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