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1994 Kawasaki zx-9r...Fair Price??

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i found a 1994 kawasaki zx-9r with 42700 km's, 80% tires and 80% breaks. been dropped twice but nothing is wrong with it, just scratches. anyways they wanted $4295 plus taxes. is that a fair price?
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forgot to mention, thats in canadian dollars
That's around $3800 American dollars and it has 26,532 miles on it. Kelly Blue Book lists them in my area in good condition (like to be sold at a dealer) at $3585. That seems a bit high to me.If you could get them down to say 4000 or less Canadian dollars that be more in the ball park.It be easy to get a deal now being the riding season is almost over.
Yeah, I agree. Unless you're in a market for that SPECIFIC model and year, I'd wait a bit more. Over 17 years old....It was probably around $5000.00 new back then anyway. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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