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I recently got The bike stated, the guy who sold it to me had it sitting for well over a year after he wrecked on another bike. When i got it, it would turn over and while it was hard to turn on, with a good mix of choke and throttle it would fire up, and would stay on for as long you kept it going.

Fast forward a day, I dismantled enough of it to reach the carbs and clean them. After cleaning and checking the fuel hoses i put it back together and plugged in the battery overnight before trying it out again.

Fast forward another day, i unplugged the battery and gave it quite a few presses of the ignition until i could hear the starter starting to weaken. i wondered why it didnt turn on but then realized that it probably had something to do with the carbs not being primed, since it was late, i unplugged the battery and left it to charge once more.

Fast forward once more and this is when the real problem arose, the battery was 100% and nothing, to my knowing, had been moved since the previous time. I was connecting the wires to the battery but as soon as i connected the second wire, i heard the gas pump turn on, the key wasnt even in the ignition, i stuck the key in and went to connect the wires again and same thing, the pump would immediately turn on. i turned the key to ON and same result and even worse the dashboard wouldn't even light up. i checked to see if maybe a fuse had blown but all the fuses were fine. i checked the solenoid fuse but even that one was ok.

What would cause the pump to immediately turn on? could it be that something was bypassed? and if it is what would could be it?

if youd like any more details, feel free to ask.
Thanks in advance
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