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I don't want to confuse you further but don't overlook that jumped sidestand. It's beginning to look like someone butchered your wiring. Did the guy use a fuse to jumper the sidestand switch? Chances are he didn't based on what other wiring you are finding. But just make sure that jumper is good and no corrosion. Now by chance if he used a fuse just be sure it's good with your multimeter.

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Hi there no he's not used a fuse or anything else like it, it's just a piece of wire that he's looped from one of the connectors to the other one on the same plug mate!! And electrics aren't my forte!!!
As long as that connection is clean and a solid connection then that shouldn't be the problem.

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Well I've checked the start button out with the multi meter and on the inside of the switch assembly, the red on/off switch has got 2 red wires going to it,and then the actual start button itself has got 1 blue/white wire and 1 black wire!
So when I put the multi meter onto the red wire on the red switch, the one that is the very top red wire that you see when you take the back off the switch assembly, I'm getting just under 12 volts, and if you then put the red lead of the mm onto the other red wire that's the one that is right underneath the one that I've just tested then you get nothing!!! And obviously I've got the black lead of the mm onto the black wire at the back of the actual start button! :) But as soon as I press the start button with the red lead off the mm on the blue and white wire along with the black lead on the black wire you get nothing, and even when you press the actual start button itself there's still no volts showing!!! And I would have thought that there'd be something showing on the mm!!?? Or am I not doing it correctly or something??
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated from me ??


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Is that black wire a ground? I would take the black lead of the MM to a good ground and check all the wires with it grounded.

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Hello swapshop,
That is interesting, usually u have a hot wire to the eng. kill sw. then other side of eng. kill/run
might go to something in the harness but always has a short jumper to one side of starter
switch and from other side of starter sw to maybe a switch for the clutch and kickstand then
maybe to a starter solenoid or to a starter relay, then to the starter solenoid. I have seen
bikes with both a starter relay and a starter solenoid. put one side of mm to ground and other
side to jumped out kickstand sw. you should get voltage. if u want, give me a holler.
727 204-2767. Chances r the eng run switch has the red on each side of the sw. . put blk of
mm on ground and check which red wire is hot with ignition. key on. It could be that start sw.
is getting power from another spot. It could be that power from another fuse goes to kisckstand sw,
then to start button and then to solenoid. like I said though, feel free to give me a holler.
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