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Quote from Langelg7 "I replaced the negative battery connector to stator and got a new starter relay with the positive to my
battery and all of my 5 fuses 3 10amps 1 25amp and 1 30 amp on the left fender sitting on the bike and still nothing when I hit
the button!!." unquote

NICE, REAL NICE !, Actually it does NOT go that way, the stator has 2 or 3 wires that go to the rectifier/regulator R/R then maybe
a two wire plug from R/R hooks into battery somewhere in the harness or just a red wire that connects to the battery's positive side.
negative side of R/R is made when bolted to the bike's frame.

It sounds like something is drawing an awfull lot of current though for the bike, once running to **** out less than a minute later.
Make a note as to which fuse goes where, take them all out and put one in then try to start bike, if it does not start,remove it,
try another fuse till the bike starts, so with one fuse in, bike is running. Then with M-M check battery voltage. If the fuse, whatever
kind it is is blackened, that is indicative of a short circuit. If it is clear but the link has melted, it was an overload.

Why did u have to start another thread? Did you get another R/R?

Weird that a bike would have all that safety sw. ****, wanna be real safe ? don't freakin ride! with key on, power goes to
engine run switch, with ER sw. on power goes to ignition circuit AND to starter sw. from starter sw. over to clutch safety sw.
from that sw. to Kick-stand sw. and from there to starter solenoid or starter relay. This is known as a 'SERIES CIRCUIT.'
where every thing is hooked end to end, one BAD sw. an U yeah U don't ride, not today anyways ! If it were MY bike, I'd cut
out all that ****, go from starter button right to the frigging starter solenoid or relay. too many fuses. Fuses are good to have
My wide glide has a 1690 c.c. engine and has 3 fuses, main, battery charge and accessories. MAIN protects wiring on bike.
Accessories protects whatever accessories you add and Battery chg protects bat. charge system

Well, I have helped others and will help you, if you want it, This is NOT brain surgery. The laws of volts an amps work the same
regardless where they are being used. go get a new R/R and while doing that put battery on charger.

Call me an tell me what's going on 727 204-2767

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Hello swapshop,
That is interesting, usually u have a hot wire to the eng. kill sw. then other side of eng. kill/run
might go to something in the harness but always has a short jumper to one side of starter
switch and from other side of starter sw to maybe a switch for the clutch and kickstand then
maybe to a starter solenoid or to a starter relay, then to the starter solenoid. I have seen
bikes with both a starter relay and a starter solenoid. put one side of mm to ground and other
side to jumped out kickstand sw. you should get voltage. if u want, give me a holler.
727 204-2767. Chances r the eng run switch has the red on each side of the sw. . put blk of
mm on ground and check which red wire is hot with ignition. key on. It could be that start sw.
is getting power from another spot. It could be that power from another fuse goes to kisckstand sw,
then to start button and then to solenoid. like I said though, feel free to give me a holler.
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