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I was out riding the other day perfect weather about 75 degrees out. My bike started to act like it was low on gas (which it was) so i kept riding trying to make it to the gas station about 2 miles out. Then my bike had a problem i noticed where the rpms and gear didnt match the speed i should have been going so i got weirded out and when i was about to stop the bike just outright gave out on me. I pulled over tried to start it and i would only get one click then nothing after that. Then about a minute later white smoke started to come from my airbox so I stopped screwing with it. There was what looked like to be oil on the outside of the top of the side on the engine block. I just did an oil change about a 1000 miles ago and added the 3 liters like it said. I also just adjusted the carb about a week ago if that may help. Just please help or give me any information that you guys may know thank yall and have a nice day...:sad::sad:
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