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Hi everyone,

Long time reader, but first time posting here. There is quite a wealth of information here!

So I have an issue, and I have seen some other people have a similar issue, but I cannot find anything in regards to my issue....

As many people, I have an engine oil leak at the slave cylinder housing. Except, I'm leaking at one of the bolt holes, and I have no idea as to of why I would be leaking at one of these bolt holes. There are no o-rings or gaskets for the bolts, so why would I be leaking there? :confused:

I have looked in my manuals and online and I cannot find any information as to of why I would have an oil leak at that location. I know its a bolt hole, because I can take the slave assembly off, and the oil is clearly in one of the bolt holes going into the block. Has anyone ever seen this before? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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