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Ive got the bike to the point that i can turn the key on, pull the clutch in and it cranks. Nowhere can i find the order the spark plug wires go from 1 to 4. On my Honda Goldwing '87 Aspencade i believe it was 1324.
Also... the quad carb.. ive converted to a manual gravity actuated petcock. This leaves two vacuum ports open that i just guessed and ran a line from port to port. Ive ran a single hose off the petcock into a fuel filter to a line connected to T that has 2 lines running to each side of the carb. Theres a port on top of the airbox and on bottom with a place for o line to run from the clutch side of the bike and the opposite side and a small box on bottom of battery casing with closed endrf line with the other side to be ran where? I basically need some step by step so i can get this bike running. Currently I CAN put the key in, turn it on, turn the killswitch to on, pull the clutch lever, press the start button and the engine turns over.
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