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My dad is looking to sell his motorcycle and I've elected to give him a hand. He's the second owner of the bike and bought it off of a woman who felt that it was too much for her after putting only 900 miles on it back in '83.

I'm trying to get him the best price for his bike and I'm afraid that I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm currently looking at compared pricing on various forums and looked into craigslist/ebay but nothing really fits closely to his pristine 13,000 mile example. He has kept all the original parts and the fairing is currently installed.

I have fond memories of riding behind him as a kid and would love to see this go onto another man or woman who would be able to continue the legacy of memories attached to this bike. Any ideas for getting him the best price possible for what is really a museum quality example of the rare 1983 Honda CB1000C?

Advice or to inquire about the bike: [email protected]
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