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I have a Tempter. It ran fine and one day it stopped. I let it sit a year and am attempting to fix it now. I have a new battery and fresh gas. I cleaned the carbs and fuel flows freely. The spark looks great, it arcs blue about 3/8" to the motor.

To start it, I took the battery out and hooked cables up to my truck. It cranks fine, all the electrical works (fuses are good) and spark flies (got a jolt too). But is won't attempt to start. I roped it to a truck and was towed 1500 ft in 2nd and 1st gears and it wouldn't catch either. When I opened the throttle (while being towed) the bike didn't roll so easily (It's as if it bogged out, but it wasn't catching in the first place either).

I'm at a loss. The spark plugs are damp and quickstart didn't help (while boosted from my truck). Even when i pour fuel into the cylinders, the bike won't run.

The exhaust isn't blocked.

I do have a parts bike, so please send any suggestions that you have.

Do these cylinders fire together or alternately? Does anyone have a wiring diagram?

Please, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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