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I apologize for my lengthy post as well as novice repair experience.

Bought the bike, put 3000 miles on it last summer, went on vacation and a couple cold weeks later went to start her up an it had a fairly rough idle and would immediately stall when the choke is taken off or given any throttle; even after it was warmed up. So I did some research, asked some fellow bikers at work, and dove in. I first pinpointed that the carb isolators were starting to dry rot and weren't sealing well between the carb and the motor. The previous owner just rebuild the carbs but I figured I'd go ahead and give the carbs a once over when they were off. Got the carbs off, took off the bottom "pan" of the carb where the float is and didn't see anything out of place or worn on all four carbs. Did notice that the gaskets on these pans seemed kinda pressed flat and may not seal well; so I went ahead and replaced all four of them. Also replaced all of the o-rings on the fuel tubes between the carbs and all the clamps on the fuel lines that were the original 31 year old clamps.

Second issue I found that one of the previous owners did. When I tilted back the gas tank the main fuel line cracked, of course when I was eating dinner and spilled gas all over my garage floor. After I cleaned that up, I took the gas tank all the way off. When setting down the empty tank I heard a clunk noise. Then I shook the tank and quickly found out that someone attempted to use that tank sealer stuff and didn't do it right. I guess when they added it they let it stand and the liquid sealant pooled in the back of the tank and solidified into a huge chunk. Now it has broken up after years of use and I got to pick all that **** out. Replaced the main fuel line to the

In the end, put it all back together, problem still not fixed. Now it won't even run at full choke. It'll start, rev up to about 5K, then stall. I only bought it for $1000 and put about $200 in parts and many hours exploring and learning. Any other things I can try? I haven't replaced the fuel filter yet or taken a look at the secondary fuel tank to see if any of that tank **** made its way in there and is clogging the fuel. I am definitely not experienced enough to get into the motor mechanical stuff so if I'm SOL, I'll sell it to someone that knows what they are doing and want to take the time to fix it.
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