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Exactly as tittle says 1982 Suzuki GS1100EZ Starter Spins but does not engage

This is on of my dad's first bikes.
1982 Suzuki GS1100EZ
It has been dumped once or twice hard.
Has been professionally rebuilt twice but still vibrates enough that occasionally bolts will come loose.

The bike was starting and having a hard time running about 1 year ago, had to keep restarting while revving and testing it.
During this testing it just stopped starting... This one 1 year ago...
I took off the starter cover bolts and,
I drained the oil by taking off the left side cylinder cover to see the starter gear. Then put the cylinder cover back on 90% tightened.
Left it like that for about 1 year.

Me and my dad are trying to fix this and get it going now.
Any help or resources are appreciated.

He is great with engines (specifically small) and schematic troubleshooting, I am good with electronics and computers.
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