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1981 Yamaha 850 Midnight Special

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I’ve got a 1981 Yamaha 850 Midnight Special and it’s got a broken float post on one of the carb bodies.. I’ve had a bit of trouble tracking down a replacement in descent shape.. this is a triple carb motorcycle.. if I wanted to go with a new carb are there any options? Is finding an old replacement my only option? I’m just figuring if I can put something new on there for reliability I’d like to do so and not have to worry about it.. or.. anyone got a set of carbs for a 1981 Yamaha Midnight Special 850?
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The dead bike yards should have more than one carb. The replacement might need to match the same location as the old one. Left right or center.

Thanks for the quick response! Any thoughts on a new or aftermarket solution? I live in a secluded area so there aren’t any such places near me... i could probobly track one down by calling around but if there is a easier way to acquire a “new” part easily ordered I would consider it...
What kind of carb does it have? Can you posts some photos or the make/model of the carb? (Mikuni, Kehein, etc?)

I have a lot of old carb parts lying around - I might have one.

Edit: Better yet, if you can get me the length and diameter of the pin that might be more helpful. I found the pin online but it's NLA and no one has published the dimensions of it.
E-bay may be your friend here...
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