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Hi All,

I've been wrenching on the above bike for a while, got it running, sometimes that is. It starts up, with more than the desired amount of kickstarts (electric start clicks but doesn't catch), and when it does. It won't idle unless its on the choke. To make things clear once it starts, with choke, it idles at around 4k, if I take turn the choke off, it will stutter for a second and then gradually fade out until the engine shuts completely off.

I took off the carbs off, without removing any jets or needles and sprayed carb claener into it. No gumming apparent, everything looks clean, now but still have the problem.

Also I thought the ignition system my be faulty, as it takes a lot to start up, but haven't checked that yet, though I did replace the spark plugs.

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions? Get at me!
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