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Hello There,

I've got a 1980's Kawasaki KZ250. We recently took it apart to figure out why it was spitting oil out the side of the head (I know, not a great sign) and we found that the cylinder head gasket had been damaged, and was in some places missing altogether. This is gasket is a series of metal rings the sit between the head and the body/sleeve of the engine (sorry if I don't know the correct terms here). The question I have is that the face of the head appears damaged now, scored from the gasket moving about. Some of the scoring appears to be around 0.05mm deep. I'm assuming this is not a great thing, but is there any way to fix this, without having to buy a new head?

I don't have any pictures at the moment, but if that will help I can provide them.

Thanks a TON!
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