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1980 kz1000 rebuild, In over my head...

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Hello all, Im in the process of restoring my kz1000 and have hit a snag in the wiring. This is my first project and None of the numbers match, wiring harness is in shambles, complete chop and stretch on the rear, and there appears to be more than one piece missing from the electrical assembly.(assuming scavenged for seperate project) shes an awesome bike tons of new parts however i've got to get her wired to start before anything else. Am i better off building a harness from scratch? Are there compatible universal wiring harnesses? Would it be better to use an updated system or simplify with chopper esque setup? And most importantly, what Needs power to get the bike running on a kickstart only system? Thanks for any and all assistance.
Drowning noob.
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Well, if the wiring harness is that rough you might be better off either replacing it or rewiring the bike yourself. I've wired bikes from scratch and it's not too difficult if you break things down and stay organized. It can take a bit, but it's sometimes better than trying to fix someone else's mistakes.
Thanks for the advice, im looking at options for doing something cafe inspired so it couldnt hurt to dyi.
You'll probably need (and want) a wiring diagram for the bike when tackling this type of endeavor.
A Kawasaki FACTORY service manual will, or should, have an accurate diagram. You may be able to find one online.
This is a nice little article on wiring your own bike. I have had to buy some of these components at one time or another. It's only money. Tutorial: Motorcycle Wiring 101 | Bike EXIF

Just having that big fuse panel and using it as a "home starting point" might make it worth the money.

Spark moto can also build a wiring kit for your bike.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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