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1980 Honda CB750K electrical/start Help Needed

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Hey guys,

I just bought my first project bike and I'm going in sort of blind. I have some mechanical small engine background but am looking for some help here.

Went to attach the starter solenoid and plugged it in. The bike was missing any other wires or cables. I found another positive cable in the extra parts given to me and attached it to the solenoid.

I then found what appeared to be the connection to the starter motor, and attached that. I then put in a brand new battery and attached the connection from the starter solenoid to the positive terminal. I then grabbed what appeared to be the ground and attached to the negative terminal. All seemed pretty straight forward.

I then put in the key, turned to on, and pressed the start button. Nothing. Not even a sound. I checked the ignition fuses and they appeared to be good.

Any suggestions? I'm now wondering what to check next, as far as electrical goes. Thank you!
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