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I just got a 78 gs750 and it was running great. but then the light died on me mid ride the second day i owned it. i opened er up and the bulb blew. it was an old halogen A12V65/60W. so i tried looking for a replacement and the best i could find right away that fit was a more modern 12V60/55W (9003 B1) at pep boys. worked like a charm, and was a much better light than that old one. everything ran fine for a full day. rode it to work. rode it back home 8 hours later. started her up fine a couple of hours later and went to the grocery store, and when i came back out, no juice at all. nothing lit up. nothing turned. just dead. I walked it home (thankfully just a block away) and tried to figure out what the problem might be. maybe the fuse? well i don't know too much about the fuses on this bike, but i saw one by the battery, and it was perfectly intact. maybe the battery? i took it upstairs and attached it to a battery tender and it immediately said it was charged at 80% or more. i tested it at a shop and they said the battery was fine. thought it could have been the battery because i was forgetting to turn off the light switch when i turned off my bike.

is the light all wrong? maybe i wired something wrong in the headlights? would that just have no start at all for the bike?

any help would be appreciated.
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