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I recently got a super deal on this 78' CB125S that wasnt running. Of course, I started with the carb. Cleaned the jets, and the float valve and seat. Now, once I ride it for a while and then it cools down, the drain on the bottom of the carb leaks like crazy!! Basically empties out the tank!

Performance issues:
I am thinking there may be an issue with the valve clearances, but I cannot find anything online for the year/make as far as factory clearances. I have already checked the Hondawiki on this site, but it only has 74' model shop manual. I set both valves at .04mm but the bikes top speed is now only about 40mph. It just seems there is a lot more power that is not being put to the road for some reason.

Any ideas/inputs are much appreciated!
Thanks guys.
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