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1978 CB400 No Spark

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I never had this problem working on a bike before, so lay it to me.
This bike is in great shape, but I am getting no spark from the pulgs. I really don't know how to check the coil, but I did pull the alternator and its mechanism and it was extreamly corroded and rusted; I cleaned them and reinstalled. All connections seem to be fine. The bike only has a battery and kickstart, and each are in place. Can someone please send me in the right direction to get some fire in my bike??
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Have you checked the points? The input side of the coils should be very low (about 3-9 ohms). Check for corroded connectors or broken wires, and check your main ground. I had a bike that looked fine, but the copper corroded in half inside the battery cable plastic.
No Spark

Where are the points located?? I will check the wiring as you described. I have the book on order, but if you could point me in the direction of the points, i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks
Don't know for the CB400 series, but they'll be under one of the engine covers, perhaps the round one on the right side.
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