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Hey all, I just bought a XS750 for about 100 dollars, was in rough shape but I got it running. PO had a 2005 GSXR 1000 front end purchased for the bike and I'd like to continue down the road of that idea. I've been working at splicing the controls of the gsxr to the bike but I've hit a dead end. My bike has 2 4 wires for the starter and kill switch that I know of:
Blue, Blue/White these control the starter.
Also Red/white, red/white. These control the kill switch.

The issue I'm running into is it seems the solid blue wire is a ground that was grounded to the metal controls of the last bike and also the switch, the new GSXR controls don't seem to ground anywhere so I can't complete the circuit. I can't find a wiring diagram for this bike either, so I cant for the life of me figure out what the white or R/Y wires did. For clarity I'll list all the wires and what they do (as far as I know)

From harness
R/W - Kill switch power to coils
R/W - Kill switch
B/W - Power to starter
B - Ground to starter? it also turns on the gauge lights when I connect these to any positive (including the B/W)
W - Unknown
R/Y - Unknown

From GSXR Controls
O/Bk - Ignition Power in
O/W - Power out to Coils and power to start button
Y/G - power out to starter relay
O/R - Power in for headlight pass
Y/W - Power out for headlight pass
B/Bk Brake light
B/R Brake light

So far I can get the kill switch to work by connecting R/W, R/W to O/W, O/Bk. That works fine and as it should, then I connected B/W to the Y/G. From here I'm at a loss, there is no where to add the Blu wire for the ground to starter and I have 2 wires that I have no idea what they do. I've tried basically every wire combo I can think of that makes sense and a few that don't but so far I cant get both to work right. Any help?

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Yeah they're much thicker, but I have the whole front end so it's no worries there. I plan on doing a bearing swap with all balls to make it work and fit right. I know I can buy some other controls but it seems like a waste to throw away such high quality switches because i cant figure it out.

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Can I assume you will change the triple tree parts? The length of the main shaft would have to match the steering head of the Yamaha. If it all works I think it is a good plan. The Yamaha forks are too skinny. I have a fork brace on my XS1100 which helps.

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