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1975 Honda XL350 problem with lights

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I have been fixing up a 1975 Honda XL350 for the last couple of weeks and had it running pretty well up until a couple of days ago.

It was running fine, headlight, taillight, and blinkers were all working, was just gonna get some new tires and what not.

Then the other day I was out riding and the breaklight and blinkers just stopped working. The headlight comes on, and the bike starts fine, but no headlight or blinkers. Also, the neutral indicator light does not come on.

Anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

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might wanna check some fuses would be where i started
I think there is just one fuse on the bike. It is a 10A is about all I know. Is that possible that some of the lights would work and some wouldn't and it is because of the fuse?
Sounds like a classic bad ground wire. Chase the grounds and look for a broken wire or corrosion.
really depends on how many amps the lights are pulling but that is the most simple thing to check. if the lights are on seperate fuses it is possible. im not for sure but i figure they are not all on the same fuse.
I have a 75 XL350 that had elec problems some years ago. I know from fixing them that there are 3 charging systems on your flywheel alternator. One ONLY supplies the ignition. The second supplies ONLY the headlight. The third charges the battery, which runs the dash lights, tail light, blinkers, horn, etc. I would check the battery connectons, including ground. Check to see if the battery VOLTAGE while running is at least 13.5 volts. That will indicate that the system is charging the battery. Could it be that you had a charged up battery for a whuile and everything worked, then the batt cut out and now those things won't work?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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