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1971 TS125 2 cycle oil pump leak

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Hi All. I have a 1971 TS125. The 2 stroke oil pump seems to be pumping oil. But there is a leak that appears to be coming from the pump shaft where the control cable is connected to it. Has anyone seen this? Is it repairable? The manual just states to not to try to repair it, just replace the pump. Any help is appreciated.
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I am going to try. The hard part will be squeezing the new seal in.
Most seals will have their size indicated on them .
If you can find that , just measure the shaft , seat and thickness .
Any decent jobber should be able to supply a replacement or search online .
Most bearing suppliers also carry seals . Or try a hydraulics repair shop . Lawnmower shops have small seals for various equipment .. maybe an o ring squeezed under lever ... Teflon tape .... Don't just give up and run premix .... The pump lubes vital parts ......
this was posted by someone else. It shows how to remove the cam shaft to replace the seal.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts