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1971 TS125 2 cycle oil pump leak

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Hi All. I have a 1971 TS125. The 2 stroke oil pump seems to be pumping oil. But there is a leak that appears to be coming from the pump shaft where the control cable is connected to it. Has anyone seen this? Is it repairable? The manual just states to not to try to repair it, just replace the pump. Any help is appreciated.
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From what you've described, I wouldn't try to repair it. However, someone probably does repair them, or has parts. It apears that the seal is bad, is it replaceable? google is your friend, and you might be able to find another one on Ebay or from a shop.

Good luck!
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Hi, this is apples to oranges I know, but my Suzuki T500 shop manual gives detailed info on how to adjust mine. I also bought a rebuild kit off ebay for it. I have not done it yet but I have every intention to rebuild and re adjust it. Lots have done it before. As said above try google for some info. I bet its out there. Good luck!
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Anything is repairable . Finding the parts is rhe dilema ....
Thanks all for the input. Yes I have been googling it without success. The parts diagram shows no seal at the pivot shaft. And i cant find a rebuild kit either. Also there doesn鈥檛 seem to be a New replacement for it. Just used replacements and i am reluctant to buy that since it may be faulty also. If anyone has any sources or suggestions, please help out. Much appreciated.
Also, it is adjusted properly. Just leaks from pivot shaft.
Look for ts / tc 185 same pump ... Buy on EBAY with EBAY satisfaction gaurantee ....

Great name. I rode a 71 T500 for years and loved it. Wish I still had it, but the prices are too much nowadays.
Also, it is adjusted properly. Just leaks from pivot shaft.
Hey , Welcome to the forum ....
Have you looked at parts diagram ? Could be as simple as an o ring ....
Bweighmaster, thanks for the welcome. And yes I looked at parts diagram. It shows no seal at pivot shaft. Im gonna pull it apart today. Will let all know what I find.
Best to look at service manual for instruction ... Factory type is best bet .
Update: looks like there is a seal at the pivot shaft where the cable connects. Does anyone know where to get that seal? I have been searching, but i cant find it.
Looks to me that it's a square o'ring type seal, very much like the kind used for fuel injectors. The idea that a injector seal being the same demension is remote, but it wouldn't hurt to look into it. Back in the day, the dealers probably only stocked the whole pump, and considered them to be non-repairable. I'm guesssing the original seal is hard from age. I would remove the original seal and take it to a autoparts store in the chance an injector or other automotive seal might work. You also might keep an eye on Ebay for the complete pump.

Worse comes to worse, drain the tank of oil, and premix from now on.
Yes the seal is hard. It is also very difficult to remove and reinstall a new one. The shaft looks like it cannot be removed. Will need to stretch new seal over shaft, and then squeeze it back into the pump body with the shaft. That is probably why they the call the pump unserviceable. I dont see any New replacement pumps. Only used on ebay.
Used might be a fix, if you try, see if they have a return policy.
Strange that I can鈥檛 pull the shaft completely out. I can pull it out just enough to see the seal. It was assembled somehow when built new. There must be a way to remove it????
I'm not suprised that the shaft won't pull out, but I wouldn't try to force it. Can you remove the seal with a pick?
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