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I wasn't sure where to put this. I'm not doing a full restore, at least I'm not plannign on it :biggrin:, and I'm not specifically asking for help, though I bet I will at more than one point :biggrin:.

This is more a documentation and motivation to get the job done.:thumbsup:

I'll take photos as I can.

After the short amount of time riding my bike I believe the cam chain has chewed out the front of the block, or jugs, or whatever they're called.

There is a lot of oil leaking out from halfway up the front of the Block. It's definitely not the head gasket as I cleaned everything up and went for a ride.

I happened to mention the leak to a previous owner of the bike and he said he had that part of the engine welded up quite a number of years ago as when he got it it already had Metal Putty shoved in the air passage to stop the oil leaks... :thumbsdown:

I have found and purchased a "new" block, it has been cleaned and it looks to be in very good condition. I have to see if I can borrow something to measure the bore and see if it's standard.

I haven't started to pull the original engine apart yet. That whole motivation thing :eek:

I need to clean up a nice big space in my garage so I can lay everything out, all easy to find.

I've done engine rebuilds on a variety of cars and mowers in the past with no problems.

I'll try to take plenty of pictures and upload them for you all to see.
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