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Who here is looking to purchase some particular, unique 1970's Honda.

What model are you looking for and what do you want to spend?

I've been "invited" to look in the garage(s) of a guy with "over a hundred" old Hondas (and other Japanese bikes) who has decided to "lighten his load" a bit. Sez he's got one of just about everything.

No idea on prices, etc.

If you're been desperately searching for a particular old Honda, let me know the model, the condition you're seeking, and your budget, and I'll take a list WITH me when I go to visit.

No, I am NOT giving out his name or #, especially to someone looking to buy cheap and re-sell.

I'll take a few photos, but I'm not going to broker any deals, If he has what YOU are looking for I'll forward photos of that particular bike and give him YOUR name & # PROVIDED your budget is within REACH of what he wants for a particular bike.

Kinda like being given a chance to peek at the Holy Grail, eh?

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XR75, XR350, CB500, MT175. The last is a light weight off road two stroke. A really good bike. I may have the model wrong. Might be MR175.
The XR75 was the best kids bike ever. The XR350 started the Japanese thumper program and replaced the over weight XL models. The CB500 was a sweet bike, so was the four cylinder 400 Sport, which had a low seat.
The 250 two stroke that replaced the XL250 was not very good.
The 125 and 250 Elsinors are collectors pieces with the silver tanks and green paint. Good motocross bikes. An original Gold Wing would also be a collector piece.

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I once had a 74 Honda 750......
Raked...springer front.....
Cammed n valved, etc....
Dam i loved that bike.....
Bro-in-law wrapped it round a tree bout 8 feet up.....
We had to use a van n chain to get it off.....
He lived but just ain't quite right now.....
No insurance, etc.....The hippy years.....
WheelieMachine 4 sure.....

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There's a bar near here that buys old bikes like that, get's them running if they aren't, then hoists them up into the "burning tree," locks the throttle open, and let's them scream until they self destruct.

There's another one that raises money for a charity by charging people a certain amount of money to beat on a metric bike with a sledge hammer.

I don't know what either one is willing to pay for a bike though.

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get a lot price, divide it in half, offer the guy about 250 less and be happy moving old hondas for a month.
look for the venture - the unicorn - xs1100... the numbers are on the frame where the forks go...
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