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New to this forum but I've been working on my resto for a couple months now and have recently hit a wall. It's a 1967 Yamaha YCS1, last registered in Montana in 1974 according to the stickers on the plate, and probably hasn't ran much since then.

A few things I've done so far:

New battery
Cleaned up rusted connections and voltage regulator and tracked down broken or fried wires
Rebuilt carburetors and replaced disintegrated fuel lines and air intake joint
Soaked tank with Prep N Etch and rebuilt petcock
Replaced spark plugs and end caps, tail light bulb, grips, foot rest covers
Chased leads from various DMV idiots to figure out what it will take to get registered

Where I'm at now:

Petcock needs to be pulled and cleaned out again
Have new tubes, waiting to get it running before I spring for tires

Having a weird electrical problem - the chassis seems to be getting power at all times, and its running through the ground wire to the brake light and keeping it on without the key in. Disconnect the ground wire from the brake light, and the light shuts off. The brake switch is good. Theories?
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