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1966/67 Yamaha YDS3 250cc Catalina resto project

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This bike was my grandfather's, and he sold it to my dad when my dad was 17. My dad has had it since, but it hadn't been running since '82. I recently started working on it again, and the first thing I concentrated on was getting the motor running. It took a bore job of .75 over and then some decent honing to get the cylinders in shape. New pistons and rings, a good cleaning and check over, and she was up and running!

I cleaned out the carbs, but didn't actually tune them or rebuild them. I did just have to rebuild the clutch, as the plates were stuck fast and wouldn't release. I got some plates off of eBay and went to town with it :D.

It still needs (that I know of):

New tires
Some wiring done
New exhaust gaskets
Replacement brake shoes (purchased, but not yet installed)
A decent tune-up
Air filters!!!

I had a whole post set out with pictures and everything, but I can't post it because they're hosted on my site and I can't link externally until I have 15 or more posts. That's an odd rule, IMO, but I'll go with it!
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Sounds like a good deal to me. Kind of would like to see pics of it.
I'll work on getting 15 worthwhile posts, then! :)
Go down to "New Member Introductions" you can post your web address there. The idea of the rule is not to force people to post but rather to stop those who just go from site to site trying to drum up traffic for their own shindig. So far as I know anyone can post photos even in their first thread the fact that they're hosted on your site shouldn't make a difference. Just hit the paperclip icon.
All my pictures are too big anyways. I'm going to have to go through and smash them down to an appropriate size.
I'll work on getting 15 worthwhile posts, then! :)
Hell, you only have three to go, blah away, we want to see the pics.
In the next post, will be the pics!
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The bike with the engine out, before cleaning

The frame after a little elbow grease was added.

Gauge faces

Needless to say, the motor was in rough shape.

Errr.... they're supposed to look like that, right?

Oh yeah, those look better

So sleek and sexy!

Engine back in.

If it had a headlight, it'd look like a bike!

"Pleeeeease take me for a drive?" is running and working, 11-19-06&page=1
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You know when you get it all done thats going to be a real sweet bike, it is now. It is deffinatly different and something you don't see everyday. Looks like it's in decent shape from the get go meaning nothing is bent or dented up.
Well, I spent a little more time on it this evening, getting the point gap right. I had replaced the points earlier, but just threw them on and didn't bother checking the gap. Haha... won't do that again.

The left cylinder was at least opening and closing, but it wasn't opening enough, so I set that (point gap of .30mm). The right cylinder wasn't closing, at all! It was open slightly, and not even touching the rocker when it came around... the spark was just arcing the gap. No wonder that cylinder would only fire every 3rd or 4th rotation at idle!!!

Got that all straightened out and now it runs GREAT. At idle, both cylinders are firing dead on. It sounds so much happier now. I had to turn the idle way down since both cylinders were synched up. It was dark out, or I would've taken it for a spin. Tomorrow I definitely will, though.

Also, I need to get my shifter figured out. I need to rig something up, because the splines on both the shaft and the pedal are stripped. I'm thinking two quick tack welds on the outside ought to hold it in place... then I can grind them off, too, if I need to. Any other suggestions are most welcome. You can see in the above pictures that I'm using vise grips to shift at the moment.... I'm limited to first and neutral!
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You might be able to cut a bigger slot in the pinch part of the shifter to get it to grip tighter though the weld beads would work too, just have to grind them off if you need to take the shifter off. You could drill a hole down through both the shifter and the shaft and run a small bolt through it. Too bad you couldn't find another shift shaft and shifter.
Okay... worked on the bike for quite a while today. I ended up being very pleased with what I got done.

Firstly, I finally checked the head bolt torque with a proper torque wrench. Most of them read around 100 in/lbs to start.... torqued them all to the spec'ed 400 in/lbs. Needless to say, it runs much, much better now!

Moving on to other things, I called on the assistance of my neighbor. I wanted to fix the shifter problem, but had not been able to by conventional means. He suggested drilling and tapping a hole in the lever, so as to make a spot for a set screw. So we did this, and I got the shifter on there and took it for a ride.... all I have to say is... WOW!!! It feels so good to be able to shift this bike!

However, this brought up a new set of issues. Upon returning to the garage, I found that I couldn't keep the bike running... it was only running on one cylinder. Upon checking things out, I realised that something was preventing the right cylinder from getting fuel. So, I drained the fuel tank, pulled all the lines off, and started checking things over. Found two fittings that were completely blocked with junk (I'm glad I have fuel filters before the carbs!). Cleaned everything up, but decided not to put it back together yet, because I wanted to work on the next thing...

... which is, TURN SIGNALS!!! I've been on a hunt for some 6v turn signals, and I finally found some. Not on the internet, either! My local old-bike shop had a set, 4 lights, wiring, flasher, and switch, for $50. I went out and nabbed them the next day. The two for the front were easy. The headlight shell on this bike is held on by two bolts, one on each side. Take stock bolts out, drill the holes out just a smidge, and the new lights go right in! Looks perfectly factory.

The rear lights were going to take a little more modification, but they weren't too bad. Drilled two holes (getting them as close as possible in location) in the fender, popped the lights in, and away we go! Now, I just need to do the permanent wiring, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.

I'm HOPING to get the wiring done, the fuel system back together, and get it back out for a few test runs, all tomorrow. We'll see how the day goes, though, and what time I get into it tomorrow morning!

Here's some shots of the new lights:


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Hey I like those signals. Nice and small and fit tight to the bike. Looks like old Yamaha signals too.

You might want to look into this stuff for the tank called Kreem. It's more or less a liquid tank liner that dries if you have trouble with rust in the tank. I've never used this stuff myself, some guys like it some don't. In a way i can see how it would help but in a way I can see where it could hurt.
Hey I like those signals. Nice and small and fit tight to the bike. Looks like old Yamaha signals too.

You might want to look into this stuff for the tank called Kreem. It's more or less a liquid tank liner that dries if you have trouble with rust in the tank. I've never used this stuff myself, some guys like it some don't. In a way i can see how it would help but in a way I can see where it could hurt.

Hey CB750F,

I've already treated the tank with a product much like Kreem on this tank. I think it was some leftover crud from the process (me not cleaning the tank out enough) that gunked up my fuel system. So, I'm going to throw it back together and hope for the best :D
Still working on this bike, of course. Things have been put on hold because I've decided to buy a house. I'm now hoping to have the bike on the road sometime before the end of summer, but that might get pushed to next spring depending on what happens.

I did just pick up an original air box and filter from ebay, used, for about $75. They're an odd setup, and fairly rare, so I'm glad I snagged one. I may have to replace the paper on the filter at some point, but I'm not too worried about that.
Parts and stuff


I'm getting ready to spruce up my YDS3 and was wondering if you can share where to get parts like, air filter, brake linings,seat cover etc.

Most of my stuff came from eBay. I picked up a used air filter, new brakes, new clutch set, all my pistons and rings, a new headlight, etc... all from ebay.
Still working on the old girl?
I've been working, but not on the bike :(. I bought a house and all my money magically disappeared... for about the next 30 years...

Hopefully I'll have time/money to work on it this winter... and have it on the road next year.
I feel your pain bro. I bought a house 11 years ago and now I'm busy remodeling it slowly as money and time permit. I got like 10 years left to pay for it though.
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