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1965 Honda S65, 1981 Kaw 440LTD, 1982 Kaw 440LTD, 2014 H-D Road King
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I'm hoping someone on this forum can shed some light on a current issue I'm having with my S65.

I have a new primary coil, a new ignition coil, new condenser installed. When I spin the engine I'm getting a good spark off the primary coil and condenser (checked by shorting the output to ground) but by the time it gets to the plug the spark is too weak to jump the plug gap.

I do not have a lighting coil installed, but since the circuits are separate that should not be an issue for ignition.

The ignition coil tests okay on the bench. There is some spark at the plug, but anything more than about 1-2 thou gap and it won't spark. A second, used, coil gives the same results.

All ground connections have been cleaned and are tight.

This is making me crazy, so any advice or suggestions will be most welcome.

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