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Hello All,

This my first post outside of the introduction page. I want to thank you all in advance for your help and guidance. I have a 1963 Honda 55. It has been in our family, since almost new. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon. Somewhere along the line it fell into disrepair. It was parked in one of our barns. A number of the parts were taken off it. I have recently decided to restore it back to its former glory. That's where I need your help. To complicate things even more. The bike is still in Eastern Oregon. But, I now live in Arizona. With a help of a very good friend, that is storing it for me, I hope to get it back on the road. My first question for you guys is, will a Honda Trail 90 front and rear wheel assembly fit my 55? Not only the wheel, which seems to be the same 17" diameter. But, the axles, and brake hub assemblies? They seem to be much easier to find than the Honda 55 parts. Speaking of the parts. Other than ebay, where is a good place to get either NOS, really good used, or a very good reproduction parts, for my 63 Honda 55?

Again, thank you guys for your time and efforts, to help me with my restoration.

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