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I am currently 16 and have a 50cc and soon will be buying a 125cc bike as I cannot afford a car and never had the desire to buy a car.

Right now I have a lexmoto nano 50cc, and I was looking at 125s. I wanted your opinions in each. I want a faster bike as I will be using the motorways alot and will need to cruise on it for 15-20 mins. I am open to buying used, and reliability / cheap repair costs may be something to keep in mind.

Lexmoto LXR / LXR se
Yamaha R125 (old style but with digital dash) I don't like the new design.
KTM rc125
Yamaha MT125

Although the lexmoto is significantly cheaper to buy brand-new, my lexmoto feels cheap however it is a good runner. and I would be willing to may significantly more if it feels much higher quality. (any other 125s for me to look at would also be appreciated)
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