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110 Miles today

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Did 110 miles on the SV650 today. Took backroads to Tellico Plains, TN then rode the Cherohala Skyway up to the Turkey Creek pull off. I was going to ride to Robbinsville, NC. and come back via US129 but the wind was bad at Turkey creek which means at the top (5500 feet) it will be flat dangerous (I done it before in high winds, not fun). So, I came back down the Skyway to Indian Boundary Campground and ate my packed lunch by the lake, then rode home on back roads, awesome ride for it being Jan.


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Good for you. I did one trip around the Island today, about 22 miles. Van window was still frozen. Was about 34 F when I left on Yami. It warmed a couple of degrees further up the Island.

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Nice pics. Good weather here too the last few days, but windy too. I'm about 6 hours east of you.
Yes great weather! I forgot to add that I just mounted a new set of Bridgestone S21's on the SV which are a great tire for sport riding. I also had my Hotwire vest on under my jacket which is flat awesome for cold weather riding. Today, I saw three cruisers, one BMW RT1200 and the "Breast" (Super Duke 1290) which was in full lean as I was coming in opposite direction mid corner, pretty cool.
That looks great right now...
Was able to get in a nice 150+ ride Sunday with my wife and a friend. Weather is yoyo'ing again. Strange but love it anyway.
The "Breast?":surprise:

I have a 2016 DL650 V-Strom--what an engine right???:grin:

Beautiful pictures! I have ridden all around Tenn and surrounding States and the roads are perfect for motorcycles:wink2:

oops I meant "beast"

I agree the v-twin 650 engine is a very willing motor and the transmission is also very smooth. Good fun ripping through the gears on a backroad.
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