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As taught at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp --- looks like a camp more for dirt riders, or road riders who want to learn FROM riding on dirt...

1) Eyes up! Look where you want to go!

2) Smoooth inputs are key: Slow on the gas, gentle-onset braking

3) Blend brakes and throttle to minimize the time from off-brakes to on-throttle...which leads to finding neutral throttle. Advanced technique: Crack the gas open before you're all the way off the brakes

4) Throttle control keeps the chassis steady! From off-throttle to pinned is one smooth motion. Once you're opening the throttle rolling off is a no-no.

5) Elbows out for maximum control, and no death-gripping the throttle.

6) Scoot to the front of the bike in turns. Sit on top of the bike and understand why Valentino hangs that inside leg off: It's a balance pole

7) Compress the front fork with the brakes and your weight to steepen rake and make the bike WANT to turn.

8) Push the bike down while keeping your spine perpendicular and shoulders parallel to the ground, again, we're sitting on top of the leaned over bike. (Dirt technique)

9) Weight that outside footpeg.

10) Slow downn to go fast

11) Relax. Your bike will tell you when you're on the edge, but you can't feel it if your body is tense.

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Many of these techniques can be used for standard street riding as well.

We don't have to push the envelope when street riding, but smooth turns, starts, and stops take the proper technique.
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