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07 V Star 650 won't speed up when I change gears.

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Hi everyone. I rode yesterday and noticed that my bike wouldn't speed up when I upshift. It would rev but when I let off the throttle and engage the throttle again it would speed up a little. I took the tank off and noticed that the hose to the air box was not connected and then checked my air filter and it was bad. I reconnected the hose and ordered a new air filter. I also have a problem with the fuel cut off solenoid and have ordered a removal kit. My question is could the hose being disconnected and the filter getting all clogged and smelling like gas be the reason the bike isn't shifting properly?
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Let me add that when I was riding back to FL the bike kept sputtering and sometimes would decrease speed and wouldn't go above 60 or 65. Had the carbs cleaned and plugs replaced. Also had to buy a new ignition coil. Rides better at times. Rode to Daytona beach for biketoberfest with no problems until on the way home. We gassed up and bike started sputtering and wouldn't speed up at times, especially when I would take off from a light. Had solenoids tested and they weren't functioning properly. It's $260 for one therefore I got a max air engineering removal kit to replace them for the time being. It has 2 screws and a wiring mechanism to fool the check engine light.
If the bike is revving up but the speed isn't increasing your clutch is probably slipping, this can either be a simple adjustment or need a new clutch. Adjust it first for sure, especially if you haven't adjusted it in a while, this may very well be all that's wrong.

Googling adjust V star clutch will find you plenty of help on how to do it, this is one of them, there are more including videos available.

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Thanks Mike. I have noticed that when taking off in first I have to almost let the clutch all the way out to get it out of neutral and at times when I'm at a stop light or something and I get ready to take off that it'll pop back into neutral.
Sounds like a clutch adjustement is needed. Let us know how it works out
Mike, I adjusted the clutch cable according to the owner's manual and IT WORKED. I also topped off my oil and changed the air filter. I'm super excited that I was able to fix it myself. Girl power. :) My solenoid removal kit will be delivered today and I am going to remove those and install the bolts and the wiring to trick the check engine light. Wish me luck. Thanks for your help.
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