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06 Buell Blast clutch problem

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I recently laid down my buell blast due to a little old lady. I haven't taken it apart yet because I'm lacking a few tools, but Im hoping I can get an idea before hand. It starts up no problem with the clutch lever engaged but then ithe won't move.Also I can take my hands off the bars with it in gear and it's like it's in neutral but it barely moves. It changes through the gears without use of the clutch. I tried an adjustment but it didn't work. The clutch feels normal when I squeeze it so I think it may be the plates or something. Can anyone help me out and give me some suggestions?
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Is it possible that the actuator arm that connects to the splined shaft on top of the clutch housing, jumped splines when you went down?
It could be possible, wouldn't that damage the spline? I'll be taking the cover off and digging around a little tonight.
If anything it may have somewhat damaged the armature, the splines in the shaft are harder.

I find it unlikely (by how you are describing it) that laying it down would have caused damage to any internal clutch parts. I would concentrate on all the external parts (clutch lever, cable, and the armature).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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