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'01 750 Nighthawk doesnt start

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My bike won't start unless I have a jump hooked up to it. I turn the key and the relay just clicks.

I swapped batteries and same problem. Pulled all fuses except ignition, no fix. I took the starter relay in for a check and it was ok. I did the screwdriver to both leads of the relay and no start.

Voltage on battery drops a lot each time I try to start. Checked ground cable and it's tight. I dont know what else to check
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Can you verify the engine will physically turn - isn't stuck?

After that I would directly test the starter itself.
I can jump it with a battery pack or another vehicle. It will run fine but there is some sound coming from the alternator.
I'm gonna say the alternator could be getting chewed up, a loose magnet tearing up bobbins of wire, if shorted, you won't get the volts you need to charge the battery. I'd pull that rotor off asap and check it out, what else could it be? It adds up, weird sound and always needing a jump.
Ya, probably best to pull the alternator cover and take a look. Ugly sounds from there aren't good.
It looks like theres some marks on the piece on the first picture but im not sure if this is the cause or not?


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Ya, hard to say. It does look like some garbage got between the rotor and field coil. Your stator windings also look a bit burned possibly? Might be a good idea to ohm the stator and compare that to the book value. If it's burned/shorted it will have a different value.
Looks like a 3 phase winding, Cmon Start is right, I'd compare resistance to what shop book says, Check from leads to stator
core to see if there are any shorts, if there is one or more shorts, less windings are used an you get less voltage.
I tested the leads in the connector to the main harness. It seems all of them are ok. They all had the same ohms reading so I guess that means they're good.
is there anything else in the alternator to take a look at that might help?
would it be worth taking the bike to a shop for diagnosis or would a repair manual help?
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