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  1. Add-on Accessories
    Hello i have a yoshimura exhaust the guy i bought my xt600e gave it to me. But i don't know if it is genuine or which model. Can you help me identify it ? the photos : Whats-App-Image-2020-08-19-at-21-34-40 Whats-App-Image-2020-08-19-at-21-34-58 Whats-App-Image-2020-08-19-at-21-34-10...
  2. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    Hi guys, This is my first post here. I did some search around the forum, but I couldn't find a similar topic so I decided to open one. My concern is the high exhaust temperature on my bike. I started measuring it because last in the season I melted my Givi side box. I installed a temp sensor...
1-2 of 2 Results