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  1. Yamaha
    This is for parts or is still together if someone wants to buy outright. Probably needs 600 worth of work but I do not have the time or space for it anymore. 1996 Royal Star Yamaha with Saddle Bags for Parts or full sale, doesn't run. But did about 3 months ago.May need head gasket rebuild.
  2. Hard to Get Parts
    Have a tan and black Royal Star long story. For anyone who has one and needs parts or any mechanic who wants to rebuild. Probably needs head gaskets. Don't have time and have another bike already
  3. Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hey, I am a 19 year old student from Germany. Since I have started thinking about drivers license and what vehicle to drive, my dad's Yamaha XT500 (1980) came to mind. It has been sitting in the garage for the last 30 years. And the more I thought about it, the more excited I got about the idea...
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    So there is some history to this: I just got the bike after a testdrive. Where I only noticed it backfiring a bit, not giving its full power when accelerating. Bit choppy on the firing. It had been sitting for a long time so I decided on cleaning the carbs end revising them. Ultrasonic bath...
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have a 07 wr450 converted sumo and I saw these pegs online Do you guys think this would be okay for a light passenger? I know the bike is not designed for it. Im more concerned if my motor...
  6. Sportsbike Forum
    I recently bought an Akrapovic Link Pipe for my MT-10. I'm looking for an actual muffler to put on it(besides Akrapovic). I really like the Termignoni or SCP but for some reason literally no exhaust company has the diameter of their inlet or link pipe. I NEED HELP!
  7. Cruiser Forum
    Hi, I'm a fairly new rider, only about a year, and am looking to get my first cruiser. I started on a Honda CBR500R sportbike, but have come to realize that I really want to do some light traveling (4-8 hours) every once in a while. I have a few options and I'm trying to figure out the best...
  8. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi there I'm new to the forum and hoping for some advice on this problem. I'm not really a mechanic but always happy to read manuals, ask advice and try things and am handy enough with tools. The ybr isn't my main bike, I had been using it from time to time and as a backup but couple years ago...
  9. New Member Introductions
    hello everyone
  10. Scooter Forum
    Hi There, Is there anyone interested in the yamaha Tmax?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I a die hard maxi scooter rider, currently on a 2009 Yamaha TMax. They just released the 2022 TMax Tech in Europe and I'm trying to convince Yamaha to enter the US market with it! Tried importing one but doesn't work due to EPA regulations. Any other TMax enthusiasts out here? Franz
  12. First Bike / New Rider
    Hey there! New here gonna be posting a couple hundred questions as I go thru this adventure haha!! My dad, a long time biker, got a Yamaha VStar 1300 a couple years ago, he wanted something like a great cruiser to take long trips and as far as I know he loved it, he told me hundreds of times he...
  13. Motorcycle Repair
    So I have a 2002 Yamaha YZF-R6 and it is not starting. When I put the ignition to "on" and the kill switch is "on", all the lights are bright and normal. Once I flip the kill switch to "off", the lights dim drastically. I try to start it and it just buzz under the seat. I connected it to my...
  14. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi everyone, Super weird one here, I installed new click in/removable indicators on my WR450f and they work perfectly when the ignition is on, without the motor running. As soon as I kick the motor over, they completely stop, and the voltage coming out of each indicator wire is -2v. Anyone had...
  15. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, has someone used such mix on their motorcycle? I have a Virago 535 and would like to put Cobras 140/90/15 on the rear and Roadrider 90/90/19 on the front and wondering if it is good/safe combo.
  16. New Member Introductions
    I recently bought a 2021 MT10. Love this monster! But I'm having a hard time finding correct chain and sprocket configurations and exhaust upgrades. I want to get my hands on R1 headers but don't know what year I need. I've seen people with the Akrapovic link pipe. I really like the Toce slip...
  17. Motorcycle Repair
    I live by camp union or,Crosby WA area kitsap Co.. I cant seem to get this bike running right or at all sometimes.I would gladly pay someone if they could help me get it running right. you can call me360-830-4473 Thanks Tom e mail [email protected]
  18. General Motorcycle Discussion
    So I want to get a new bike, currently I have a 2014 FZ6R which is a very upright and comfortable ride. I know I either want a Suzuki GSXR 600 or a Yamaha FZ-09 but I can't decide which to get. Money isn't really the problem I can find both within my budget the only thing that concerns me about...
  19. Vintage Forum
    I have a 1965 Yamaha YM1 305 that I'm having carb trouble with. The fuel is overflowing out of the bottom of the carb. I replace the needle valve, cleaned and cleaned, and adjusted the float bowl height numerous times.
  20. New Member Introductions
    I have a 1965 Yamaha YM1 305 that I'm having car trouble with
1-20 of 156 Results