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  1. Project bike won't start

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Ok guys so I got a 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 mean streak from my brother in law as a project bike. So far, I replaced the battery, oil change, and the spark plugs are on order. still it won't turn over. I put the key in, and a few lights come on. I press the button to start her, and it clicks...
  2. 1973 Honda CL125s Wont Start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi All, I've gone through all the troubleshooting measures to get this 1973 Honda CL125s bike operating, no luck. New carburetor, both screws turned all the way in, then twisted open 2.5 turns each Good spark from the spark-plug Power from the battery Fuel flows and fills the...
  3. Fixing my 82 Goldwing 1100I

    So im at a complete stand still. I bought a bike and it turns out that It needed major work. The main issue is it will not start but I can't exactly find out what will not let it start. I've been told it's the starter I've been told it's the starter motor I've been told it's the stator and I...
  4. 03 YZF600r wont start/has no spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi everybody, I Recently bought a 2003 yzf600r. The bike was not running when i bought it the owner before said the bike was having charging problems so he replaced the stator and rectifier and now the bike wont turn over. Everything else electrically works fuel pump, lights etc. when i push the...
  5. 1980 Honda CM200t Twinstar Wont Start & Weird Sound - Help Please

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, Im trying to get my 1980 twinstar up and running again but have hit a road block. I recently replaced the old cylinder head (which had a stripped spark plug port) with another used but unstripped cylinder head. Being the scrub that I am, at the last timing step I dropped a bolt down the cam...
  6. SL 125 1974 Help

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi Everyone, my Name is will, and I'm pretty new to the forum, been a lurker for awhile but am pulling my hair out at the moment and was wondering if anyone could help or point me in the correct direction. I recently pulled a 1974 Honda SL125 out of my shed that had been stored for 17 years...
  7. Wiring harness Build

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im still having trouble getting my bike to start. I thinks its a bad wire but I just cant find it. There are a few splices in the wiring harness that I think are from a previous owner, maybe not I dont know. Would it be more work to try to build a new harness (All the ones online look just as...
  8. HELP!! KTM superduke 990 wont start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello my fellow KTM riders, Unfortunately few weeks ago I was riding one beautiful afternoon and after popping my clutch on my KTM Superduke 990 2008 it would not start back up. Here's what I've been able to test myself • The battery • The rectifier • I have removed the alarm system (in case...
  9. heres a tricky one

    Motorcycle Repair
    i have a 1979 gs750 l. when i bought the bike for 200 dollars, the bike ran, but not great. so i pulled the carbs and took them to cycle recycle and the guy said to rebuild the carbs so i did. now the bike WON'T run at all. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  10. compression test

    Motorcycle Repair
    how do i do one? my bike still wont start and i need help still :mad::mad:
  11. Fuse keeps blowing help!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, my motorcycle keeps blowing a fuse. I purchased the bike and took it to the shop and had the mechanics look at it, they tested it and told me the bike needs a fuel pump and a new battery and it would work fine. I purchased both, installed the items and tried to start up my bike, it turns...
  12. 82 nighthawk won't start

    This 82 nighthawk650 has been sitting for a year or two and when the key turns on, all the electrical components work. However, when I hit the start button the lights dim and a 'click' occurs. Has anybody else had similar problems and if so what did you do to turn that 'click' into an actual...