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  1. How should a leather jacket fit?

    New Member Introductions
    I'm shopping for a new leather jacket and I'm looking at Dainese jackets. The size 38 fits perfectly but doesn't have room for a sweatshirt underneath and the next size up, 40 is loose enough that the armor shifts around slightly. I've never owned a motorcycle so I don't know if I'll want to...
  2. Making a big decision

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So the way things are looking now, due to job opportunities and college, I might possibly be moving... to Mt. Vernon, Washington just north of Seattle. I've been wanting to get the h*ll out of Arizona all of my life until I started riding. Now that I'm riding, I've found a new appreciation for...
  3. Riding in the Rain and Dark

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    The worst riding conditions make the best riders. Recently I got caught in the rain at the end of a long day. I rode from California to Spearfish, South Dakota, and arrived as the shadows were growing long. I could see thunderstorms ahead, and sweated out my gas situation until I finally had...
  4. riding season

    Touring Forum
    I am from south carolina and i'm planning on going to college in colorado starting in the spring semester. I've never been to colorado or taken any long road trips, but I really want to drive up on a motorcycle. I feel like that would be the perfect way to start off my adventure. however...
  5. Rain Riding

    Motorcycle Training, Safety, and Riding Techniques
    Hey wanted to shout out for some info on Rain Riding. I am actually one of those people that see the storms comming and jump for my bike. I have been riding for many years on my 94 suzuki rf600 (in the rain :D ) and use all the proper safty gear yet I am worried about my new bike. I just...