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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, we have been having starting issues in our Firestorm for quite some time now and in the past 2 days it has gotten worse. Getting the bike started has become very challenging. When we hold the push start button, the instrument cluster would dim and the starter motor makes a ‘wrring’ noise...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, so my '98 VTR Firestorm was in need of a rectifier as the one in it wasn't recharging properly and was running super hot. As parts for these bikes are pretty scarce where I live, I had to resort to an unbranded rectifier which is said to be compatible with the CBR 600 F4i. All pins of this...
  3. Parts Identified
    Hi, I would like to know what the part that I have circled is called. Is it a jet? I couldn't find any info about this online. Thanks.
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    Today we noticed that in our firestorm the rectifier would overheat within minutes after starting the bike and sitting idle. Looks like we need a replacement. Unfortunately there aren't any to be found. There are Honda CBR600F rectifiers. It would be helpful if someone could confirm if it would...
  5. Honda
    Hello, in our firestorm one of the previous owners have taken the ground wire off the bike for some reason and haven't reconnected it back properly. We would like to know the correct place the ground wire must goto so we can seat and screw it in properly. I had a look around online resources but...
  6. Honda
    Hello everyone. We took apart the carbs of our VTR firestorm today for cleaning. We wanted to take the fuel line filter in the carb for cleaning and we are a bit puzzled on how to take it off. I have attached some pictures of it. Some advice would be very helpful thanks.
  7. General Motorcycle Discussion
    My VTR radiator fan isn't working, So I'm looking for 2014 VTR 250 efi Service Manuel
  8. Honda
    I have a 98 superhawk (vtr1000) that needs new plastics and alot of the ones I see online are for the vtr1000 "sp1", will these fit without any modification? and can any of you guys recommend a reputable site to buy from?
1-8 of 8 Results