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  1. Yamaha VStar 250 and Virago 250 differences??

    New Member Introduction
    I'm looking to do an overhaul on my 2017 VStar 250 and I'm finding a lot of after market parts for the Virago 250 but not as many for the VStar 250. The bikes look incredibly similar in regards to their engine size, frame, and other things. I'm curious if the parts for the Virago would be...
  2. Strange Start Up behavior Yamaha Vstar 650

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello Everyone. I am a newbie to bikes and not sure what I got myself into. Looking forward to and advice from the Gurus. I have received a 2009 Yamaha Vstar 650 Custom from my Uncle. According to him, the bike was parked in his covered apartment parking lot in Houston for a Year. I towed it...
  3. help fixing my throttle

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I took a bad fall on my 2007 yamaha v-star 1300 yesterday. I was riding down a back road at 25, it has been raining here in Vegas for a couple days and i didn't see the gravel in the road, and by the time I did I was already on it and lost all traction, my bike went out from under me and slid...
  4. Lost key

    So I lost the key to my vstar 650. I've been looking around and seems the best option for me is a lock smith. I've had 2 shops tell me different things though. I was able to get the helmet lock off, and one shop told me to bring it in and they would make a key. The other shop told me that a key...
  5. Vstar 650 sputters at 60 mph.

    Motorcycle Repair
    I bought a 2003 vstar 650 custom last spring. It was my first bike and I rode it every day. It ran fine up until the beginning of winter. The onset of the problem started slowly. I would be cruising at highway speeds (65-70) and suddenly, it lost half the power. Sounded as if only one cylinder...
  6. Vulcan500 vs VStar 650

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey everyone, I'm a new rider, as in the most powerful thing with two wheels I've ridden is one of those little foldable razor scooters. I've always wanted to get a motorcycle, so I'm just finishing up my MSF safety course and I'm shopping around for my starter bike. I'm looking around in...
  7. Star Riders in NH

    Looking for Star riders in NH ... summer is coming ... group rides all over the state and beyond for anyone wanting to join!
  8. Yamaha VStar 650 Cheap exhaust mod

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Okay, I have been going back and forth for a while on modifying my stock exhaust. I can't afford aftermarket pipes, so please don't suggest it. I did some looking around on the net and have seen several people who claim they did a mod by drilling three or four 5/8" holes in the stock exhaust...