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vstar 650

  1. Vstar 650 Quick Carb Clean / Repair

    In this video I identify the issue with the Vstar, or Star 650 cruiser and the known issue with ethanol that causes the engine to stutter and die directly off idle. Even if the Mikuni carbs are perfectly clean, it doesn't cause much sitting to produce this problem. We evaluate, and then...
  2. 2005 VSTAR 650 Fuel Leak

    Just Noticing Fuel dripping down the front cylinder cover. The cover seems brittle or the chrome finish is brittle so guessing its been going on for a while. Rides fine - came to my attention riding and hearing a pop / felt pressure on shifting hand. similar sensation to lighter blowing up in...
  3. '08 VStar Custom front brake is noisy/grabby

    I bought this bike recently (4200 miles) and it is in great working condition except one small annoyance. Sometimes at slower speeds, when I apply the front brake it will make sort of a grinding sound and act a little grabby. I have taken off the caliper and inspected for debris, cracked pads...
  4. My first cruiser, vstar 650. Ever seen flexible pipes?

    She's a 2000 Vstar 650, lots of changes (Harley springer seat, ape bars, LED brake lights, headlight is custom, removed fog lights and turn signals. Its got the foot panels instead of pegs and crash bars (although they seem fairly short). Some sort of custom pipes that are flexible) Got her for...