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  1. Honda Shadow 2004 'protests' throttle increase

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi my 750 sort of hesitates if I give it the full throttle like when I'm trying to pass a car. Say my throttle subjectively would says 70 mph, well for 2-3 seconds my bike says "Let's just stay here at 60". It protests and barks, "I'm staying right here". Then it breaks through and is fine...
  2. Yamaha Trail Bikes

    Yamaha Trail Bikes

    In 1964 & 1965 Yamaha had two trail bikes styles to choose from. Both were "Trailmasters" and had 80cc rotary valve 2 stroke engines. One model YG1-TK was a center tank style the other MG1-T was a step through frame imitating Honda's famous CT series. Here's my two examples of these trail bikes.
  3. Honda CB160 Frankenstein?

    Vintage Forum
    I've got an old 60's Honda bike that I was always told to be a standard CB160, but now that I'm really looking into it, I'm not sure what it is. It has the exhaust and chopped front fender of a CL160 Scrambler, but it has electric starts, and I was told it was a 1965, the year before they ever...
  4. 1965 Harley

    Scooter Forum
    Yes, I'm posting in the right forum. I just acquired a 1965 Harley Davidson M50. Made by AerMacchi for Harley Davidson in Italy. This is number 74! It's been sitting for about 20 years so it needs to be brought back to life. Mostly original and I hope to keep it that way. Any others out there...
  5. Working on 1980 CB650 project, need some help

    New Member Introduction
    Hi Everyone, 26 year old from New Hampshire, new rider as of July, haven't been able to get my bike on the road yet, the anticipation is killing me! Got a 1980 CB650 last fall for next to nothing and I'm getting closer and closer to getting it running. Need to figure out some electronics...
  6. Stuck Points

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have been restoring a 1974 Honda 125XL and have been unable to get the ignition system to work. The culprit being this Points that appears to be fused shut. Any suggestions for getting it open?
  7. 1974 Honda cb 125s Stalls while riding

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all this year i bought my first motorcycle @ 7500 og miles on it. i bought it from a nice guy who happened to be an ex mechanic. it was in great, running condition a few months ago. i put about 500 miles on it this year so far, but for the past few weeks ive been running into issues. when...
  8. Yamaha RX50 1983

    Vintage Forum
    Hello guys, I have a question. I just got a Yamaha RX50 1983, the midnight special. I was checking the engine and in one of the covers of the engine it shows "600 cc" when this model it's supposed to be a 50cc, does anyone knows why is that? I am kind of confused right now since there is no RX...
  9. Anyone have experience with 1971 suzuki ts125?

    New Member Introductions
    Need some help restoring my 1971 Suzuki TS125. Anyone know much about them? Mine actually came without an oil tank, would this be an issue? or could i run it pre-mixing the oil and gas into the gas tank? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
  10. New Member - Registration Question

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, new member to this forum. I'm 36, been on bikes all my life... Primarily Motocross since i was 5. But i've also had my share of the road bikes, always been a Harley person and currently have my first Harley that runs like a beast 05 Softail with many upgrades. My grandfather passed...
  11. Suzuki X4 125

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of tearing down and rebuilding this seemingly rare motorcycle. I say rare because the amount of information on it is very little. I've found that this bike is very similar to the GP 125, and this is where I'm sourcing most of the parts I need. I discovered...
  12. 1980 Suzuki A100(M) LED Conversion

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Has anyone changed out the OEM lights (head, tail and/or indicators) for LEDs? How'd you go? Did you have to change anything else out? I''m struggling to find any useful info - given that this is a 6V bike with bayonet globes, finding LEDs that will fit are a pain! Cheers, Justin
  13. Andy from Philadelphia

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My Name is Andy, I work at a custom bike shop in Philly where we are currently restoring vintage Japanese bikes, mostly from the 1970's. I'm joining the forum hoping for community assistance on some of the bikes I'm building. I also hope to help others with their own projects...
  14. 1989 Honda Hawk GT650

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    For sale is my 1989 Honda Hawk GT 647. The bike is in excellent shape. Has upgraded Two Brothers full exhaust and an Aprilla spring. I also have the full original exhaust. Comes with two sets of keys and the original owners manual. The bike just had a spring service which including rebuilding...
  15. First Bike Vintage Vs. Modern

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, My name is Paul and I live in New Orleans. I am at a real cross roads as to what first bike to get. I'm going to be delivering food on the bike full time and here are my criteria: (I have my endorsement and love riding) -fuel efficient (50+mpg) -able to ride on highway for at least 20...
  16. 1972 CB175 Resurreciton Questions

    Vintage Forum
    Hey guys! I am currently resurrecting a 1972 Honda CB175, I started by ultrasonic cleaning the carbs and jets. Got 90% of that old caked on grime and gunk. I then used some really small sewing needles and of course some carb cleaner/CLR to get off all of the lime and the gunk that was really...
  17. Number One challenge of owning a classic?

    Vintage Forum
    Hi everyone, My first post so please go easy on me :-) I'm yet to buy a classic bike and so I'm doing some research and wanted to ask what's the ONE thing you wish you'd known before you went out and bought a classic bike? Also, whats the number 1 biggest challenge related to owning a...
  18. 1978 Honda CB400A for sale

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    I have recently come into a 1978 Honda CB400A, otherwise known as a Hondamatic. It was a former roommates', and he left it in exchange for rent. He had taken it apart to some extent to affect repairs on it, and apparently went a little too far. It was running the last time I saw it, but know it...
  19. New member trying to restore a 63 Yamaha YG 1T

    First Bike / New Rider
    I am a new member hoping to get some advice on a restoration. My father-in-law passed away leaving me his 1963 Yamaha YG1T. The bike had not been run for over thirty years. He had always told me he wanted to get the bike running again, but unfortunately, he never got to it. When he passed, I...