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    I was living in Vermont when I bought this 1978 Honda CB400 for $650. It ran OK, I road it home - barely. It needed a battery. Over the years, I put on Mikunis, tweaked the gear ratio to be quicker off the start, replaced the dash with a new speedo, replaced the right and left hand controls...
  2. Honda
    The theatre department I work for needed a vintage scrap bike for a musical and they picked up a Honda 90 off Craigslist. After that I bought the bike from them for $20 and I've been wanting to get it running. My main problem is I haven't been able to ID the model. The bike looks like a Trail 90...
  3. Honda
    Hi all, Just picked up my first project bike, a 76 XL250 roller for $50. Need an engine and trans. Looking to do a straight forward engine swap, so want to get a replacement engine rather than something from a different model and modify to fit as this is my first go at this. Found a 79 XL250s...
1-3 of 5 Results