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  1. DELISTED: 1996 Honda Magna VF750C with extras - $2000 (firm)

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    EDIT This bike is currently no longer for sale. Decided to keep it. Bike is garage kept in Fort Irwin, CA Excellent running condition, reliable, lightweight commuter/weekend get-a-way performance cruiser. Comparable to Indian Scout. Some cosmetic damage, see video and pictures for details...
  2. 1982 VF750C Troubles

    Motorcycle Repair
    I apologize for my lengthy post as well as novice repair experience. Bought the bike, put 3000 miles on it last summer, went on vacation and a couple cold weeks later went to start her up an it had a fairly rough idle and would immediately stall when the choke is taken off or given any...
  3. Replacing Honda Ignition Coils

    I got my '83 V45 Magna inspected and tagged today! If only I could ride the hell out of it... The bike fires up and runs for a short while just fine. Maybe 10 mins. Then it starts to get sluggish and progressively worse over about 5 minutes until it stalls. When I pull the plugs the front 2 are...
  4. 83 V45 Magna Problem

    Hi all- I'm new here and I'd like to see if anyone has any thoughts on a problem I'm having with my bike. Here's a post where I describe what I've done to the bike so far to get it to the point its at: When I purchased the bike it was in pretty decent physical shape. Needed cleaned up and some...